Trail Runners First Steps

Trail Running can be an incredibly intimidating challenge, especially when you’ve never ran a race before. And we’re not just talking about you’re standard 10k here; we mean 10, 28 and 43 mile runs. Up a mountain. In Wales! In WINTER!

But despite this, three brave souls, who’ve never ran a trail race in their lives, decided take the plunge and just go for it.

Signing up to the Might Contain Nuts 2016 race in the Brecon Beacons, they each ran a different race starting from Tal-Y-Bont and running up over the beautiful Welsh mountains in gorgeous conditions.

Welsh Trail Runner tagged along to see just how challenging it is for beginners to tackle what is literally, a mountainous task:

As you can see, these guys loved it! And even if you don’t make it the whole way, it’s still an amazing experience.

This site is here to help beginners like you (and me) to make the most of your trail running experience.

Keep an eye out for more posts, and let me know if you think this content is useful, or what you think could be helpful for you.


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