The Essentials for Trail Running

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could go outside, choose a destination and just run to your hearts content? As great as that sounds, it’s probably not the wisest idea in the world. Especially if you’re brand new to trail running.

Due to the nature of trail running, you could find yourself running for long distances in remote areas over difficult terrain, which means you need to equip yourself appropriately so you can handle whatever the trail has to throw at you.

Some things are designed to give you a more comfortable run, others are there to ensure your survival! Knowing what your essentials are can make all the difference from a joyful run, to a genuine disaster.

But if you’re not sure what is essential, it might be a good time to turn to those with a little more experience.

Kate Williams, 27, is a filmmaker and general mountain addict who recently ran her second 28 mile marathon over the Brecon Beacons with Might Contain Nuts back in December 2016. She regularly runs across the South Wales mountains and continues to push herself through all kinds of challenges.

So, what are Kate’s top 3 essentials?

1. Her Salomon Speed Cross 3 Trainers

An iconic running shoe that’s light, fast and ideal for muddy trails due to its deep tread!

Why, Kate? – “They’re amazing for the trail running I do, giving me all the grip I need to race down those muddy hills.”

2. Her Ultimate Direction Ultra Vesta


A light weight backpack that’s small enough for short runs, and large enough for the ultras.

Why, Kate – “It’s tiny and light but it can carry a litre of water, all the snacks I need and space for extra layers and waterproofs.”

3. Her Patagonia M10 Jacket

Built with a 3-layer H2NO performance standard fabric, this jacket is both extremely waterproof, breathable and super light.

Why, Kate? – “It’s fully water proof and really breathable, but packs down to the size of a rolled up pair of socks. I take it with me on those wet and windy runs as a bit of extra protection.”

It doesn’t get more essential than that; something on your feet, something on your top, and something on your back!

Thanks Kate!

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